The kind of decisions you make within a business plays an integral role in the continued development of the business. However, if you are making decisions on the back of NPS visualization, then you are making mistakes that are likely to haunt your business in the long run. The Net Promoter Score, also known as NPS, shows your score over a particular time frame.

The NPS graph Excel aids in showing the category under which customers fall. The categories are divided into two, which are detractor and promoter. Having these categories in place does not mean that data visualization is not essential; in fact, it offers a great starting point that can take you a long way.

Why Visualize Your NPS Results?

Net promoter score helps you measure your customers‘ loyalty and how much they are likely to recommend your products and services. Basically, the NPS survey incorporates an initial close-ended question that gives customers a chance to rate how well they are likely to recommend your business to friends and family.

Once customers are done with rating, all the responses are calculated to get the general NPS score for your business. Also, the survey has a closed-ended question where customers are free to explain the reason behind their score. Note that within the open-ended question is where you can get insights to improve your customer experience.

However, many people experience challenges in how to present NPS results for their business. This guide presents the seven most effective ways to visualize NPS results. Let’s check them out!

Pie Chart

Pie charts offer the most straightforward way of visualizing data since they are easy to read and understand. Besides, you don’t need to possess technical analysis skills that have been presented in a pie chart. This is one of the features that makes it the simplest and the quickest method that you can implement to visualize your NPS results.

Also, you need to understand that sometimes pie charts are more likely to get messy when they have too many variables to present. It can work well with a split of promoters, detractors, and passives. You can also use a pie chart as a form of introduction to a more advanced form of visualization since it is easily understandable.

Key Values

When you are thinking about presenting NPS results, you need to focus on the fundamental values. In your presentation, you need to ensure that you have included your NPS score. Ensure that the scores have been aligned depending on the time frame, and evaluate whether the score is increasing or decreasing.

Within the section where you align the key values, you should ensure that you visualize the number of promoters, detractors, and passives. If you align the key values in an orderly manner, you will be able to identify either a sharp drop or an increase within the scores you record in the long run.

Word Cloud

When the NPS survey is presented in the right way, it can generate a lot of qualitative data that you can use to evaluate the success of your business. The word cloud enables you to point out essential keywords that appear with the open-ended question responses from customers. You can get the keywords without the hassle of researching the search engine.

Upon creating a word cloud, you will realize that some words are cropping up more frequently than others. You will then pay much attention to words that most matter to your customers. Besides, consider the fact that customers may be mentioning the words in either a positive or a negative way.

Bar Chart

A bar chart offers you a simple methodology for presenting the number of promoters, passives, and destructors. You can easily identify the exact score that the respondents gave you during the survey. This is an added advantage since you can detect how close the detractors are to becoming passives.

When you realize that most of the respondents gave you zeros, keep in mind that you are far away from the conversion. Also, suppose you identify the group of customers that recorded zeros. You can determine the exact group of customers you need to target since they have a significant impact on the NPS score.

Line Chart

If you want to understand what exactly your customers are going through, you have to analyze the NPS score over a certain period. It is essential to understand that customer loyalty changes over a particular period due to various factors. These factors include the corrective measures that you put into action.

A line chart offers the best way to analyze how your score changes over a given time frame. Also, you can learn whether the changes you have made over the time are impacting your NPS score.

Sentiment Analysis

This is an advanced technique that elaborates further on how your customers are feeling. In this case, the results are either sad, neutral, or happy. When you note negative sentiments in your survey results, you should know that there is something wrong that needs fixing. However, you will only learn more about these sentiments if you have the insights right.

Once you have all the insights in your hands, you can quickly resolve the problem faster and enhance the business growth. It is also advisable to evaluate positive sentiments to learn more about what the customers appreciate within your business.

Topic Analysis

Topic analysis is the best approach to visualize open-ended question results. It is an advanced form of data analysis that makes it easier to recognize the emerging trends and patterns in the market. You can locate particular themes and problematic situations within the survey responses that are a bit unique to your business.

Also, you can identify the rate at which these themes are occurring within the business. Once you have identified the frequency at which these themes occur, you can easily take action to curb the problem for the well-being of your business.


Taking time to visualize your NPS results brings dormant activities to life. In addition, it makes it easier for you and anyone else who wants to use the information to access the report and use it in decision-making. When making prudent development decisions, the insights you generate from the report offers you guidance and unique ideas that can propagate the continued growth of your business.

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