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Let the truth be told, making data stories is not a walk in the park! When telling a story, you need to ensure that you remain as persuasive as possible to deliver the message. What do you think about presenting rank survey data? This is another critical aspect that needs much attention to detail before getting the job done.

But, the secret to this aspect is simple! The best way to do this is by visualizing rank data and delivering it in the best context possible. Most people consider rank survey data a technical aspect that needs you to use the third eye to process and make conclusions. When you want to present survey data to your readers, you need to have a different method of presenting it.

Remember that the brain of human beings is tailored in a manner that it can easily recognize a d analyze visual content without much struggle. The best way to present survey data is by using rank survey data visualization charts. The charts are used to create outstanding narratives that readers can enjoy reading and get the message home.

What makes the charts sound much better and easier to use is the fact that they display data insights in a manner that you can easily read and understand without wasting time. This method of data presentation can either present the data using a bottom-up approach or the other way round. Prior to diving deep into more details, let’s begin by covering the basics!

What is Rank Survey Data?

Rank survey data is the close contact between two different mathematical values whereby every value may be greater than, less than, or equal to the second value that is displayed. This data is mainly collected after a particular survey is carried out and the final data findings are placed in the drawing board.

There are different approaches that you can use to present this data. If you are an ardent data nerd, then you have interacted with tools such as spreadsheets, Google sheets, among others. However, you need to install other add-ons that will give you a wide access to different types of charts that you can use to present your survey data. The exciting thing is that the add-ons are only downloaded a d installed in your computer and you can hit the ground running.

Importance of Visualizing Survey Data

When you visualize data with a lot of accuracy, you will always stand a better chance to identify various insights that are critical in the completion of the whole process. Currently, data is an important aspect than it was ten years ago. Data can tell you all the secrets you can use to transform your business into a significant brand within the market.

By keenly following data visualization guidelines, you can easily work on the problematic areas within your business, thus enhancing your company’s success. There are a lot of importance why you need to visualize your survey data as described below.

Identify Outliers and Errors

Identifying errors a d outliers is not an easy task, especially if you choose to execute it manually. Data visualization offers a better and more accurate means that you can use to locate an possible error a d outlier in your data. After locating them, you can make the next step and find out how you can fix them to enhance the accuracy of your message.

Trigger Innovation

When you have a robust data visualization strategy at your disposal, you can tweak your strategies to ensure that they suit the needs of your target market. Data visualization offers a room for innovation to ensure that all the customer needs are addressed s d consumers can get what they want. All this happens courtesy of innovation and advancement of the current and the past strategies.

Easy Understanding of the Storyline

Some data-related stories are not easy to understand unless the technical elements are broken down into small and simple bits that you can read and understand. You can utilize different data visualization tools such as charts and graphs to convey a story in a way that your audience can read and get the whole point of discussion. Charts are known to get erste persuasive stories regardless of the technical part of it.

Depicting Latest Trends

The preference and the test of customers changes from time to time depending on the nature of the market. You have no alternative rather than to operate in line with the latest trends a d patter s within the market. However, the problem is not to adopt the changes but how to detect the changes. Data visualization can help you nite any trend changes within the market and suggest better approaches that you can use to safeguard the growth of your business.

Which chart is best for Presenting Survey Data?

This is one of the most technical parts where many people fail terribly. There are different means that you can use to present your tank survey data. Google Sheets offers you the best approach you can use to present and evaluate the data. When. You outline your survey data in Google Sheets, you can present it in different ways using different types of charts.

The problem is that Google Sheets does not support multiple types of charts unless you install an add-on that will give it more power a d potential to make things work out. In this case, the most preferred add-on is VisioChart which is available in the Microsoft store. When you want to present your survey data, you can easily download, install and sign in. Once you sign-up, you will be given a trial period of seven days whereby you have the freedom to evaluate the functionality of the tool and the quality of its output. After the trial period, you have to pay your subscription fees to continue enjoying using it. Once you have the tool, you can present your survey data using different charts.

Slope Chart:

The slope chart is a better chart option to use when you want to showcase changes over a certain time frame, transitions, rankings, and absolute valued in your data. On most occasions, slope charts are referred to as slope graphs. In addition, you can utilize this chart type when you want to know more about the before and after stories of your data.

Also, this is the best option when you have two points of comparison and you want to display the relative increase or decrease within different categories between the data.

Stacked Column Chart:

You also have this choice for how to display survey results. It consists of a column graph aggregated. To compare sums within important categories in your data, the stacked column graph is frequently employed. It is very simple to find various ranks breakdowns across your data when using this data. The process can be finished fast and effectively, and the chart is user-friendly.

Likert Scale Chart:

Likert scale chart is popularly known to be a single dimensional chart that’s mostly applied when you want to collect opinions and attitudes of your target audience. The design of the chart is meant to help you understand how your target market perceives your business. The chart comes in different variants to ensure that the business owner can collect all the essential information a d use it accordingly.


Survey data is not easy to present if you do not know the simplest approach that you can use. Due to the complexity of the data, many people find it difficult to present it in a simple and systematic manner that the non-technical audience can read and understand. With data visualization, all the technical variables are broken down into small entities easily readable by anyone, and the message is delivered clearly. The best strategy is to use data visualization, which has all the essential aspects that you need to use to break down the complexity of the data a d make everything readable.

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