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Data visualization is a key element in our daily lives. But, have you ever wanted to visualize data that can’t be quantified? What do you use in such a scenario? This is a question that can leave you wondering throughout the day! Don’t worry; this article has your back covered!

A word cloud, also known as a tag cloud, is a mode of data visualization that can visualize data that cannot be quantified. A word cloud can be created using a word cloud generator with all the tools and features to get the job done. A word cloud is an easy tool since you don’t need to learn any technical skills.

The tool is mostly used during keyword research helping companies to identify the best keywords to use in their content strategies. A word cloud has the ability to analyze over a thousand words within a shorter time and give you a concise data report to use in decision-making. Also, you can use it to analyze multiple tweets about your business when conducting surveys.

The complex part is creating a word cloud and outlining all your data to generate the final report. How do you create a word cloud? Creating a word cloud is simple, provided you have basic information on what you want at the end of the process.

Do you know that Microsoft Excel offers the simplest route when creating a word cloud? Also, you can opt for a word cloud generator to get the job done. Let’s elaborate further on how you can create a word cloud Excel for your preferred data.

How to Create a Word Cloud Using a Word Cloud Generator?

A word cloud generator enables you to create a word cloud in minutes.

The word cloud generator is meant to make your work easy and straightforward. The first step is to ensure that you have collected your data from their respective sources and outline it on your worksheet.

You can recheck the data to ensure that you are dealing with accurate information to avoid inconveniences. However, you must ensure that you are dealing with the right tool to produce reliable output from your data. You can choose your preferred tool, such as MonkeyLearn’s, to do the work for you.

The tool you choose should have a simple interface you can freely navigate when analyzing your data. A word cloud has the ability to reduce a given word into its root form. All this process is used to make the data easy to understand and use for decision-making. This process is popularly known as stemming.

It’s used to determine the most relevant terms that you can use to serve the right purpose. To create a word cloud using a word cloud generator, you should start by ensuring that you have the right information to visualize. Open your preferred data word cloud maker and upload the text.

After uploading your data, click on the “generate cloud” tab. A word cloud will appear on your worksheet immediately, outlining all your data. However, this doesn’t mean you have the final chart you wanted. There is still room to customize the chart and make it presentable, depending on your preference.

To make all these adjustments, click on the “edit” tab and make all your preferred changes. You can make changes to the original text and choose fonts, themes, and colors of your choice. In addition, you can adjust how the words appear to make them easily readable. Once you are done with all the changes, you can download your complete word cloud.

When downloading the final output, choose a format you are comfortable with. Depending on what works well for you, you may choose the PNG or SVG format. At this point, you will have a complete word cloud that you can now use to analyze all your data concerns and make better decisions.

Creating a Word Cloud in Excel

Excel is a popular and reliable option that marketers use to generate word clouds. Besides, it’s one of the best tools since it’s friendly and easy to use. You don’t need to learn lots of technical aspects to use Excel. The software outlines everything clearly, making your work easier.

Before creating a word cloud, you need to know what you want to accomplish with the data. The next step is to collect the data from their respective sources and outline it on a clear worksheet. You can then upload the data to Excel or copy it on your worksheet accurately. Always avoid making simple mistakes since they can heavily impact the final results.

However, there is something you need to understand when creating a word cloud in Excel. Microsoft Excel does not have a word cloud chart option on default. You should have a third-party application incorporating different charts to help you navigate the process. In addition, there are multiple third-party apps that you can integrate into Excel and work smoothly.

After choosing and installing your preferred third-party app, you can access it via the “extension” section. Once you open the application, search for word cloud and select it. A word cloud will appear on your screen with all the data you presented in the Excel worksheet. This is not the final word cloud output you need to use since it looks like a sketch.

Go ahead and make further changes to the chart and make it suit your visualization needs. You can make the word cloud appealing to attract the attention of your readers and easy to read. Remember that a word cloud should not be difficult to read and interpret since it’s used to make quick conclusions.

After making all the changes you desire, you can now save the chart, and it’s ready for use. If you conducted the entire process accurately, you stand a better chance of making accurate conclusions.


A word cloud is a simple data visualization approach that can help marketers make prudent development decisions. You don’t need skills to interpret the data presented in a word cloud since everything is presented clearly and orderly. Excel offers the simplest way to use it when you want to visualize your keywords and find any other underlying information that is meaningful.

In addition, you can use the word cloud generator to create a word cloud within a short time. The tool creates a word cloud outlining all your data giving you a better picture of the reality of things. Also, it saves time since you don’t need to struggle with different aspects to get the job done. Do you want to create a word cloud? This article has all the information you need!

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