What is a Radar Chart in Power BI?

A radar chart in Power BI is used visualizing various kind of data on the chart. It is also called spider chart, star chart, or web chart. Radar charts are usually used to differentiate between the functioning of different articles or things.

It is also display the development of a single thing. Once you have generated your radar chart, it can help you to visualize your data in a perfect and short way. Radar charts are significant mean of knowing and addressing complicated and comprehensive data.

How to Read a Radar Chart in Power BI?

For reading the radar chart in Power BI, you have to follow the steps below:

  • Classify the types that have to be compared.
  • Classify the methods which you want to show.
  • Examine the values in the chart.
  • Associate the values of the different groups.

The classification gives us different attributes of the data that we are analyzing. The values on the lines shows the collection of achievable values of different products or groups.


If we want to show a radar chart of the performance of three different staffs. In this staffs are three different groups, and the amounts are the sales made every month. The values shows the scale of attainable sales for each month. By classifying the values of the different employees, we can visualize that Employee A made the maximum sales, as compare to Employee B and Employee C.

Tips for reading Radar Charts:

Search for inclination: Radar charts can beneficial in looking for new trends and development in your data. Example, you can visualize that the sales are increasing with the time or an employee are performing outstanding as compare to others.

Classify the different groups: Radar charts can help us analyzing data. For example we can compare the performance of different teams or sales of different products.

Use filters: We can filter Radar charts to represent the particular data.  For example, we can filter the data to visualize only the data of a specific month or year.

How are Radar Charts used in Business?

Radar charts are usually used in business to categorize the performance of different things, for example items, services, or employees. We can also use radar chart for following the development of a single thing for a period of time.

Examples of Radar Chart in business

Categorizing the items or services: Radar charts are beneficial in classifying the different characteristics and requirements of different products or services. This can also useful for businesses that want to choose that which product or service is best to suggest their customers.

Following employee performance: Radar charts are helpful in following the performance of employees over time. In businesses it can be helpful in recognizing the employees that are performing excellent or those employees that need some more training.

Building important conclusions: Radar charts are used to create intentional decisions for business. For example, a business can use a radar chart to categorize the potencies and limitations of its participants for developing an economical benefit.

Radar charts are multipurpose tool to analyze the categories of data. Addressing and understanding the working of radar charts businesses can get benefits in the form of improving their performance and making best conclusions.

  • Radar charts are useful in making best decisions and improving their performance by analyzing data in a simple and short way.it can also useful in finding the trends, classifying different groups and making notified decisions.
  • Radar charts are beneficial for businesses to upgrade their performance by following the abilities of employees or features of products with the time, it can also useful to recognize the weak points of its performance that need to be improved.
  • Radar charts are useful in communicating their data more excellently. Radar charts are a fascinating way to communicate data in this way business can get help to involve their addressees and obtain their messages throughout.

Why Use a Radar Chart in Power BI?

Radar charts are an excellent method to visualize data in Power BI. They are concise and simple to use and understand, they can be helpful in tracking a diversity of data.

The aims and causes of using the radar chart in Power BI are as below:

Comparison of different quantities with multiple products or things. To make a comparison between amounts and products Radar chart is the best option to use. This can useful in recognizing the limitations, strengths, trends and perceptions.

Tracking the development:  Radar charts can track the progress of a product or an employee. This can useful to recognize you the weak points of performances which need to be improved.

Communicating data to others: Radar charts are concise and simple to use and deliver. It can be beneficial in communicating data to others in an easy and short way.

Conducting improved conclusions: Radar charts can useful in finding developments and repetition in data that we cannot able to see with other types of visualizations. This communication is useful in conducing improved conclusions according to the data.

If you want to use best way to visualize your data in Power BI, radar charts are a best selection. They are concise and easy to conduct and understand, and are helpful in tracking a diversity of data.

Radar charts are a significant tool that can make your data easy to assemble and analyze.

How to Create a Spider or Radar Chart in Power BI?

Please follow given steps to create Spider or Radar Chart in Power BI.

Sample Data:

AnalysisVendor XVendor YVendor Z
User Satisfaction626869
  • To use Spider Chart in Power BI, click this link
  • Add spider chart visual in Power BI from app source.
  • Import data in Power BI.
  • Select Spider Chart.
  • Select data fields, Spider Chart will create on canvas.


Radar charts are a kind of image of a data which is helpful comparing that can multiple variables with multiple things. They are usually helpful in business to categorizing products, services, or employees.

Radar charts are a flexible tool that can be used to analyze and understand a diversity of data in business. They are a significant tool for businesses of all types.

By following these steps you can make a better radar chart.

  • Don’t Use a too much variables in your radar chart.
  • For different variables use different colors to distinguish between them.
  • The use of labels can help your audience to know what the variable represents.
  • Use a title to describe the colors and labels in your radar chart. This will helpful for your audience to recognizing the visual.
  • `Use customization for professional and attracting look of your chart.

Overall, radar charts are a skilled and efficient tool for figuring data in business. It can visualize and analyze your complex data by making it concise and simple.

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