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The truth is that you have interacted with a Likert scale even without knowing. Have you ever been asked to answer a question asking how much you agree or disagree with something? That’s exactly what a Likert scale is! The scale is mostly used when you want to measure the attitude of your audience towards something.

However, a Likert scale question is made up of different aspects that work together to achieve a uniform goal. Let’s find out what a Likert scale survey question is and how you can use it to achieve your personal objectives. Stick to this article up to the end!

What is a Likert Scale?

In order to understand the scale, you need first to understand what a survey scale is. A survey scale is used to represent a set of answer options that are either in verbal or numerical format. It plays a crucial role in analyzing closed-ended questions that represent the respondents who have pre-populated feedback on the presented questions.

What is a Likert scale survey question? This is a specific question type that uses a 5 or 7-point scale. On other occasions, it is referred to as a satisfactory scale ranging from one extreme attitude to the next. The Likert scale survey question involves a moderate or neutral option within the scale.

The Likert scale is one of the most reliable models that you can use to measure different types of opinions, perceptions, and the behavior of your market audience. Contrary to binary questions, which give you only two answer options, the Likert scale offers you more granular feedback about the nature of your products.

When evaluating the quality of your products, you can use a Likert scale to understand whether the product is good enough, excellent, or bad. The Likert question enables you to generate detailed insights from the public members, which is crucial in streamlining your business operations. This method enables you to collect the degree of opinions from your target market.

The opinions you generate from your market audience enable you to identify the areas that require quick fixing to enhance the well-being of your business.

Benefits of the Likert Scale

The Likert scale is designed to offer quantifiable answers, making it easier for you to do the analysis and make conclusions. Besides, the respondents also have their answers that are more specific about how they feel about various questions. Below are the top benefits of the Likert scale that you need to know.

Works Well on Questions Tailored Under One Topic

When doing a survey, you need to ensure that your questions are tailored to focus on a single topic. T

Ensure that you group the questions under the same topic to enhance the quality of the results you get at the end of the process. The respondents find it easier to respond to questions revolving around the same topic rather than generalized questions.

Keeps the Respondents Happy and Improves the Data Quality

The good thing about the Likert scale is that it can help you avoid common pitfalls during survey design. It helps in avoiding things such as creating overly broad questions that respondents find challenging to answer. As a result, this will frustrate your audience, making them answer the questions vividly.

The Likert scale can help you to keep all your respondents focused and happy while answering the questions. This means that you stand a better chance of getting accurate results that you can use to make better decisions going forward. Keeping the respondent focused throughout the survey makes it easy to connect your business to the market.

Application of the Likert Scale

The Likert scale is mainly applied in different sectors based on your preference. You can use it to do your market analysis to understand the desires of your customers and what you can do to improve your business performance. Below are some of the areas where the Likert scale is used.

Employee Engagement

The responses given on the Likert scale play a key role in checking the well-being of employees. You can use the 5-point Likert scale to help solve the issues affecting your employees. A company can keep running on the performance of their employees using the scale to streamline business development.

A company can use the scale to understand how their employees know about different resources within the work environment. It can also help to evaluate the employees’ familiarity with IT policies and how often they are likely to take advantage of the newly established tools.

The Likert scale can aid in uncovering the central tendency and the agreement levels of how an average employee thinks.

Profession Event Feedback

Event professionals and marketers can utilize the Likert scale to collect feedback regarding the success of past events. Also, the Likert scale can be used to conduct a post-event survey to evaluate the general experience of the event. The results can also be used to evaluate the probability of the participants attending or not.

You can apply the scale to analyze the nature of the location to ensure that you clearly understand how the event is likely to be.

Customer Satisfaction

When analyzing customer satisfaction rates, an ordinal scale is applied to give a better picture of the reality of things. The scale is used when asking customers to rank their satisfaction rate depending on the products and services you are offering. The responses given via the Likert scale are flexible, thus giving you room to analyze the results.

The sentiments measured by customers include satisfaction, agreement, desirability, and frequency. For instance, you might be curious to understand how regular customers use your customer service portal. In this scenario, you can collect customer feedback and analyze what they say about the portal.

This will give you a chance to understand the quality of services offered by the portal, the number of people who use it, and the sections that need changes on the portal.

How to Compose the Likert Scale Survey Questions?

Be Accurate

Ensure that the questions are phrased correctly and in the right context. By phrasing your questions accurately, you will also attract the accurate answers you have always wanted. When asking questions, ensure they are tailored to address a specific aspect. This strategy will help you to collect more valuable responses from your market audience.

Be Mindful When Using Adjectives

When using certain words in your survey to ask about a specific thing, place it in a context that everybody can understand. The response options that you use should have descriptive words that the respondent can understand. Ensure that there is no form of confusion about which grade is higher or bigger than the next.

Bipolar or Unipolar

If you have questions that require answers that fall into different categories, consider this concept. A unipolar scale is mostly used in cases where the answer rises from none to the maximum. A unipolar scale is used to address answers that one looks like the opposite of the other.

Better to Ask

Statements are known to have a huge impact on how you ask questions. The way in which you ask questions can either make the respondent agree or disagree. Consider asking questions rather than using statements.


A Likert scale is a fundamental tool when doing a market survey. The data you collect from the market can either help you transform your business or bring you down. It all depends on how you process and consume the data you generate from your market surveys. The Likert scale aids in quantifying the data making it easier for you to analyze and draw conclusions.

The scale is designed to accommodate both quantitative and qualitative data at the same point. This means that you don’t have the struggle to analyze your qualitative data, and yet there is a one-stop shop. You can easily fine-tune your Likert scale to suit your specific needs. The feedback you get from the tool depends on the type of data that you feed in.

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