Data visualization has a significant impact on the normal operation of business activities. Analyzers have revealed that businesses that incorporate data visualization tools in their operations are 5 times better in terms of making data-driven decisions. Visualization guarantees smooth operations within any business brand across the industries. 

Businesses generate lots of data on a daily basis from their operations. This data needs to be converted in a simple format that can be easily understood by the staff members and the entire target audience. Every business requires a dashboard to keep track of all data operations. 

Note that data visualization tools can also be used to create graphics using data and information generated from different business operations. The tool comes in different sizes and shapes, depending on the application area.

What is Data Visualization Tools?

Prior to diving deep into different types of data visualization, what are data visualization tools? A data visualization tool is in the form of a software that collects data from various sources and converts it into graphs, charts, and other types of data visualization.

The tools can be used to develop simple graphs and different types of graphics with inter choropleths. Let’s trickle-down and discuss more about some of the best data visualization tools for business.


Tableau is among the most amazing data visualization tools that are used in the analysis of business information. It comes with a series of data analytics tools that have entirely transformed how business operators make decisions and run their daily operations.

The most important thing about this tool is that it offers private data analytics features and visualization for big data. The platform provides a wide variety of opportunities where any business owner can create data visualization.


This is an all-in-one tool with all the features you would like to implement in your data operations. It has been designed in a user-friendly manner that allows users to visualize their business data.

It incorporates an attractive dashboard that is used to customize reports that can easily increase interaction. Datapine has multiple sharing options that allow users to share content.


DataBox is one of the coolest data visualization tools that comes with a DIY dashboard with an expansive room for integrating different types of data sources. Also, it has multiple temp eyes that you can choose from depending on your data.

Note that this data visualization tool has a different dashboard from the rest since it has multiple advanced features that make your visualization work easier. DataBox is mainly used when creating dashboards and analytics types both for desktop and mobile phones.


Visme is a good data visualization tool that can be used in enhancing business intelligence. It has an interactive design that enables users to create data visualizations that are easy to read and comprehend before making any decision. Also, Visme creates stunning visualizations that are highly appealing to the eyes. 

You can use this tool in making different types of graphs such as a line graphs, pie charts, bar graphs, and many more. Also, it can import data from Google Sheets and develop stunning dashboards using the data.


Juicebox is among the best data visualization tools that are used to create different kinds of visuals within the shortest time possible. Besides, it focuses on data Storytelling to create highly engaging visuals that persuade the target audience.

In addition, Juicebox is easy to learn and use when making edits and creating different types of visuals. Also, it is easy to connect to other kinds of data sources.


This advanced data visualization platform enables business owners to create sales reports that enhance visibility across all the sales recorded within a particular period. It comes with reporting capabilities that are built around the dashboard to make your work manageable. It also has a hand in matters of forecasting and evaluating the performance of a given business brand.


Infogram is a data visualization tool that allows users to develop charts and share different kinds of infographics. It comes with an automated editor that makes your work easier when creating designs and making edits. 

The exciting thing is that you do not necessarily need coding skills to use Infogram. You can also connect your work to live public data sources such as Google. Infogram is the best data visualization tool that will serve you accordingly when you intend to handle complex data types.

Google Charts:

This is an extremely powerful tool that you can acquire to visualize your business data. It works magic when used in browsers and mobile devices. It incorporates a comprehensive gallery with lots of features that you can choose from during data visualization.

Google Charts is a good choice since it is simple to learn and has a user-friendly interface. In addition, it is highly interactive, thus making it the best choice for business data visualization.


Whatagraph is a highly improvised day visualization tool that comes with lots of premium offers. However, the price you pay depends on the kind of fea3yiu are using to execute your duties. Remember that you don’t need to overpay, especially for features that you are not using. 

You can easily integrate Whatagraph with more than forty digital marketing platforms. Besides, it has endless customization options that allow you to make more edits as much as possible.


Xplenty is a data visualization tool that is based on the cloud. It can evaluate data from over one hundred different stores simultaneously. This means that this tool can comfortably handle bulk data without any problem. It can be configured to either pull or push data to different online sources.

Also, it has specific connectors that link it to the business database and monitor all the jobs in progress within the business setting. It offers flexible and scalable infrastructure during data visualization.


Different types of data visualization tools became functional back in 2010 when they were introduced in the business industry. They have gained significant popularity within the past few years. The above-mentioned are some of the best data visualization tools for business. 

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