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AREAS Function in MS Excel: Syntax, Arguments & Examples

What is the AREAS Function in MS Excel?

A number of areas in a given reference are returned with the help of the AREAS function in MS Excel. This function comes under the category of the LOOKUP/REFERENCE function in Excel.

Purpose of the AREAS Function in MS Excel

The purpose of this function is to get the number of areas in a particular reference. The value is returned as a number. AREAS are actually contiguous ranges in the reference.  

Syntax of the AREAS Function

The syntax of the AREAS function is written below.

=AREAS (reference)


There is only one argument in the AREAS function which is described below.

Reference: this is the reference to a specific cell or range of cells.


=AREAS (A1:C1)

In this example, the range for which the area has to be calculated is A1:C1.

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