NOT Function in MS Excel: Syntax, Arguments & Examples

What is NOT Function in MS Excel?

This is a logical function. The Not function in MS Excel is used to test the logical conditions. It is also known as a reverse logical function.

Purpose of Not Function in Excel

The NOT function in Excel is basically used to check that one condition is not equal to the other. If a TRUE value is given then the NOT function will return a FALSE value. If the FALSE value is given then the NOT function will return the TRUE value. That is why it is known as the reverse function. The main use of the NOT function is to check if a certain condition is not met.

Syntax of NOT Function

The syntax of the NOT function is written as follows.

=NOT (logical)


There is only one argument in NOT function. It is described below.

Logical: this is the Value or a logical expression. It is evaluated as TRUE or FALSE.


=NOT (C6=” Red Blue”)

The above example shows that the NOT function will not return the value having RED Blue.

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