What is the OR Function in MS Excel?

This function comes under the category of logical functions in MS Excel. This function runs a test on the condition to check which condition is TRUE.

Purpose of OR Function in Excel

The OR function in MS Excel is used to test if the condition is TRUE or FALSE. If the arguments return the value to be TRUE, then the OR function returns TRUE. If the arguments return the value to be FALSE, then the OR function returns FALSE. It can also be combined with the IF function to eliminate the need of using nested IF statements. It can also be used in combination with the AND function in MS Excel.

Syntax of OR Function

The syntax of the IR function in Excel is written as follows.

=OR (logical1, [logical2], …)


The arguments in the OR function are described below.

Logical_1: this is the first condition to be tested.

Logical_2: this is the second condition or value to be tested. However, this is an optional argument because if a TRUE result is achieved in the first condition, there is no need for the second condition.


=OR (A1>0, A1>75, A1>100)

This example will return the result value to be TRUE if any of the values in the arguments match the values in the test condition.