ROW Function in MS Excel: Syntax, Arguments & Examples

What is the ROW Function?

The ROW function in Excel is used to return the number of the row of the given reference. It is a worksheet function of Excel. It is a built-in function in Excel.

Purpose of ROW Function

The primary purpose of the ROW function in Excel is to show the index number of a particular row in reference. It shows the current row number of an existing active worksheet. This function returns a positive numeric value.

Syntax of Row Function

The syntax of the ROW function is as follows.

ROW ([reference])


There is only one argument in the row function. It is explained below.

  • The cell or range of cells of which you want to know the row number is given in the reference argument in the ROW function.
  • If you give a range of cells in the reference argument, then you will enter the ROW function as a vertical array. You will also get the results in the form of a vertical array.


The ROW function in Excel is straightforward to use. For example, we write the formula ROW in an Excel worksheet, and we write it in the 5th row of any cell, the returned value will be 5, which is the row number of the cell.

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