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ROWS Function in MS Excel: Syntax, Arguments & Examples

What is ROWS Function?

When you want the number of rows in a particular range, then Excel provides you the ease to find it through the ROWS function.

Purpose of ROWS Function

The purpose of the ROWS function in Excel is simply to return the count of rows in a given reference. You can easily get the number of rows in any array or reference by using the ROWS function.

Syntax of ROWS Function

The syntax of the ROWS function in Excel is written as follows.

=ROWS (array)


There is only one argument in the ROWS function of Excel.

  • Array – in this argument, you give the range of cells to be selected for counting.


For example, you want to count the given range or reference. The formula will be written as follows.

=ROWS (A1:F10)

This formula will return the number of rows in the range from A1 to F10.  

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